20. Sep, 2018

The Fist Of Jesus Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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Jesus is always willing to lend a hand to those in need, but there are others ... that will taste his fist.

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original title: Fist of Jesus

genge: Short,Action,Comedy,Horror

imdb: 6.7

duration: 15min

tags: Fear the fist of the Saviour!

keywords: suicidebyhanging, hanging, zombie, referencetojudasiscariot, referencetolazarus, referencetojesuschrist, characternameintitle

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Jesus is always willing to lend a hand to those in need, but there are others ... that will taste his fist. Sometimes it helps if you go in to a film generally and a short film in particular knowing absolutely about it . I noticed Bob's one line summary and decided to stop reading there and then and catch the film in its entirety on the shortoftheweek website . Like nearly every other film I've seen on that website I decided to forgo reading the written comments that always goes along with the film and just watch it ignorant as to what I'd be getting

This was a very good idea because all I knew was it was " gory " and had" a good sense of humour " . As it started I realised something else - it was in Spanish and Spanish cinema has a long and noble history of horror and twisted morbid cinema which is both enjoyable and thought provoking . If you're expecting something biblical with this story then think again because this is Monty Python meets the early splatter punk horror of Peter Jackson . Early in to the running time Jesus feels the need to perform yet another miracle but when you're interfering with the very laws of nature itself something might just go wrong and I had to stifle a laugh while thinking I wasn't expecting that as the initial inciting incident took place

To be honest after this the short just becomes a long extended action sequence featuring gore , mutilation and death and the narrative doesn't extend in to going beyond any of this but that's not necessarily a criticism and story knows that it's appealing to an audience interested in gross out comedy horror . Special mention should go to the effects and make up team who obviously put a lot of hard work in to giving the audience a good time . If I was a Hollywood producer I'd track this crew down and sign them up for a studio but it's a sad fact of life that nowadays Hollywood studios think that special effects are exclusively CGI and pyrotechnics . As it stands this little known Spanish short quite rightly puts Hollywood to shame "Fist of Jesus" is a 15-minute live action short film from 4 years ago and do not be fooled by the English title. This one is in Spanish and I highly recommend getting subtitles if you are not fluent in the language. Writer and director here is David Muñoz, who I have not come across so far, but here he shows us that he can come up with really funny stuff. The politically incorrect comedy is exactly what I appreciate so much here. There were 3 genuinely funny scenes I think. The first was Jesus' high-pitch screaming when the zombies appear for the first time, the second is when he revives Judas and he dies again and the last is the scene with the leper guy. So wrong, yet so funny. Overall, I recommend this little movie. It brings some a nice mix of comedy and horror, but the comedy definitely prevails here. Check it out.


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